Saturday, September 12, 2009

Salmon Tartines

I was served this dish in Paris - smoked salmon on buttered baguettes that had been lightly toasted. I couldnt believe how simple and yet delicious the dish tasted. A book I read on French food shared the basic principles of the cuisine- fresh, quality ingredients made simply so you can enjoy its flavours in its best form. So, I went out to the bakery and bought bread they had made that morning, used my ecological butter to butter the bread and bought scandinavian salmon that had been smoked the old fashioned way. It tasted absolutely divine. I topped this off with snippets of parsley from a plant in my kitchen.

1/2 baguette
ecological butter
good quality salmon

1. Bake sliced baguettes in oven until crisp on the outside and soft inside.
2. Butter the bread and placed smoked salmon on top.
3. Sprinkle with parsley or any other herb you may have in your kitchen. I reckon dill would have gone beautifully with the salmon.


the writer said...

I always order røget laks med cream cheese as topping whenever I order at sunset boulevard

Paula said...

Yes me too! Roget laks is the best!