Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bombay Toast

Bombay toast is basically an Indian spin-off of French toast. The addition of condensed milk gives the bread a golden, caramelized flavour.

2 eggs
1 tbs condensed milk
1 pinch salt
1/2 baguette

1. In a bowl, beat eggs, milk and salt together. Pour in a deep plate.
2. Dip cuts up pieces of baguette into the egg mixture to coat. Fry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this recipe! My mom made it all the time when I was growing up. My friends were always confused why I called "French toast" Bombay toast.

I found your cooking blog through your other blog--which I loved to read. It appears private now. Will you consider opening it up in the future or adding readers. I have no ties to Denmark--just an indian american who enjoys reading about the immigrant experience all over the world.

Best to you from California!

Talented Foreigner said...

Hi Nandini,
I would be happy to invite you to read the private blog. You have to provide me an email address so that I can send you the invitation to be a reader.
Nice to know that I have readers from other parts of the world!

Anonymous said...

thanks, should i leave it in the comments section or do you have a blog email address? maybe i can post in the comment section and you can just delete it after noting it?

also, when your recipes say pkt--how much is that in metric/pounds? i love pad thai and will try to make your version thisi week!


p.s. check out a girl from foreign blog, she also writes a blog called lithuanian cook in india. it mas many south indian recipes (her husband is from kerala, where my family is originally from)

Talented Foreigner said...

Hi, you can leave it on the comments page. I have to chose whether to publish your comment or not- so i will leave it unpublished.

Regarding pkt- it basically means packet. Im not quite sure how to convert that into metric/pounds- it would depend on the size of the packet. i can look more carefully at the weight of the packet and write that down on the recipe. for pad thai- it would be 125 g (since the packet is 250g).

Anonymous said...
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