Thursday, December 03, 2009

American Cheese Ball

You can serve this ball up with digestives and Tuc crackers at a party. Its easy to make, a great finger food but best of all, it usually winds up the star of the show because of its dramatic appearance.

2 packs Philadelphia cream cheese, original
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
(1 cup shredded smoked cheese- optional)
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
few springs of spring onion chopped finely
crushed hazelnuts (or you can use walnut or pecan)

1. Mix all the ingredients except the nuts in a bowl.
2. Shape into a ball with a spatula.
3. Roll in chopped nuts.
4. Serve with crackers.


Khawaga said...

Paula, Cheese balls are great, especially for putting on 3 kilos in a day, but what *I* really would love is some clarification on basic curry stuff.

First, from lots of difft recipes, the method I've gathered is this. Is it correct? 1) Brown your meat/fowl if using; 2) put the solid coconut cream and the curry paste together into a new pan and sweat it till the oil separates out; 3) then add the extra liquid/coc milk and the other ingredients according to how long they will take to cook.

Second: if we want to supplement or replace the bought green/red curry paste, basic recipe for okay but doable green and red curry paste?

And then: can one just randomly bung in extra galangal, shrimp paste, tamarind?

Greedy from the Aarhus waste.

Talented Foreigner said...

curry recipe:

1. Always brown your onions, garlic and ginger first. Or your curry paste first to release the oils and flavours.
2. Add meat and stir fry for a while to brown it slightly so its tastier after being poached. Add a bit of water to stir up the paste and cook the meat properly. When water boils away, add the coconut milk.

Yes, you can add extra galangal if you like. I'd be a bit more careful with shrimp paste or tamarind. Shrimp paste belongs in a curry paste mix which needs to be pre-fried in oil to release flavours. Tamarind is only good for fish based curries.

Khawaga said...

Okay, lovely. Now: recipe for green and red and yellow?? curry paste please, your Paula's version. Jennie will want this too I betcha.

Talented Foreigner said...

I have the recipe for green and yellow on this blog (I think under 2008). Will check up on it and let you know soon.

Anonymous said...

Paula, just wanted to ask if other blog still going on? Hope you are okay. Miss reading your thoughts.


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