Monday, May 23, 2011

Stir Fried Chicken with Holy Basil (Gai Pad Grapow)

I made this chicken dish with an addition of carrots to make it more hearty. A delicious blend of flavours from kaffir lime leaves, holy basil, fish sauce and sugar.

200 g chicken minced
1 head of garlic minced
1 carrot sliced thinly
3 small red chillies
3 tbs fish sauce
1 tbs dark soya sauce
1 tbs sugar
4 kaffir lime leaves
dash of pepper and salt
Holy Basil

1. Heat oil and fry garlic.
2. Add chicken and fry until cooked.
3. Add carrots and chilli and fry for five mins.
4. Add condiments. Continue cooking under high heat.
5. Add the end of the stir frying, throw in holy basil leaves which have been stripped from stalks.
6. Serve hot with rice.

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