Friday, March 16, 2012


Can anyone detect a pattern here? Yes I have been craving sweet things lately. It must be the pregnancy- almost seven months now!

A sundae is such an easy thing to whip up and it can be really fancy if made with syrups and fresh fruit. Here is my dressed-up recipe for a sundae:

4 strawberries chopped
handful of grapes diced
1 tbs golden syrup
vanilla ice-cream
smashed up macaroons
sugared walnuts
1 tbs sugar

1. Use 1 of the strawberries to make a coulis by boiling with the sugar. Place at the bottom of the sundae dish.
2. Drizzle the sundae dish with golden syrup before placing 1 scoop of ice cream. Add fresh fruits and a sprinkle of macaroons. Repeat with second scoop of ice- cream followed by fresh fruits and macaroons. Place sugared walnuts at the top.
3. Serve before it melts!

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