Monday, May 07, 2012

Fried Vermicelli

Fried vermicelli, or fried bee hoon as it is commonly known back in Singapore remains my most favourite breakfast. I make it at least once a month- and usually a large batch which gets me through at least 4 days. I have the recipe in the archives- for me, I usually make it with prawns, garlic, chilli and chye sim (chinese leafy vegetables). The pork version is also very delicious- (with thinly sliced pork instead of prawns, some people add both shrimp and pork/or other meats- I suppose you can call it the 'surf and turf 'special of fried vermicelli). Its good with an addition of beansprouts as well.

The seasonings that go into chinese fried vermicelli is sesame oil, dark and light soya sauce, a bit of kecap manis if you like- and I like to put in a splash of shao xing wine and chilli oil as well.

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