Wednesday, May 09, 2012


A lovely concoction of mascorpone cheese, sponge fingers, coffee and cocoa. I made mine an alcohol-free version. I also used pasteurised egg whites and yolks instead of fresh eggs for added safety. Serves 4 in the individual dessert cups.


For the mascorpone cream filling:
2 pasteurised egg yolks
250 g mascorpone cheese
7 tbs sugar
2 pasteurised egg whites
pinch of salt

1. Start up the mixer and blend the egg whites with a pinch of salt and 4 tbs sugar until stiff.
2. Remove the egg white mixture and blend the cheese with egg yolks and rest of the sugar.
3. Fold in the stiff egg whites.

For the sponge fingers:- you can buy these from an Italian speciality shop
Make a strong coffee with 1 tbs coffee and a cup of water. Cool slightly and dip in the sponge fingers until softened.

To assemble the tiramisu- put a tbs of mascorpone cream filling in each dessert cup, add soaked sponge fingers, add another tbs of mascorpone cream filling and a tsp of cocoa powder, followed by another round of soaked sponge fingers and mascorpone cream filling and finally topping off with cocoa powder.

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