Monday, September 10, 2012

Mummy's Sardine curry

This was a common weekday dinner made by my budget conscious mum since sardines are so much cheaper than meat. It is extremely delicious as well- cans of sardines fried with onion, garlic, chillies and potatoes served with rice.

2 cans of sardine in tomato sauce
1 red onion chopped
5 cloves garlic chopped
2 tomatoes quartered
1 red chilli chopped
1 green chilli chopped
juice of half a lime
1 tbs curry powder
1 tbs tumeric powder
1/2 tbs chilli powder
 1 tsp tomato paste
2 potatoes quartered

1. Heat oil and fry onions and garlic.
2. Add tomatoes and chilli and fry.
3. Add potatoes.
4. Add sardines in sauce and continue to cook. Add water if the mixture is drying up.
5. Cook for 20 mins until potatoes are fully softened.
6. Season with lime juice, tomato paste and spices.
7. Serve hot with rice.

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