Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Another popular breakfast item in my home- and for outdoor events- the filling for a sardine sandwich. This one came out superbly. I used a small chilli padi instead of the usual large chilli which gave it a good kick and more intense flavour. I slow roasted onions in oil until it was translucent and soft, added the chilli padi and then added the sardine. Very happy with the result. Sardines is a very common food item in Asia- I shared my mother's method of making a curry out of it, its also used in curry puffs that are sold for breakfast in Singapore- and the Malays make a delicious dish out of this called 'sambal tumis sardin' which is the next item on my must-try-out recipes. Its a pity that my husband doesnt like sardines- he finds the smell and flavour too strong for his liking- oh well, all the more for me then :-)

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